M16 - Open Cluster with the Eagle Nebula in Serpens

Copyright 2003 John Hodge

M16 is the young open star cluster, but this area is more well known for the vast area of nebulosity known as the Eagle Nebula, or formally IC 4703.  This is a very active area of star birth.  The large bright nebula resembles and eagle in flight, but the inner dark nebula also resembles an eagle with it's wings folded and with prey in its talons.  This inner portion was made famous in the striking Hubble Telescope photo of the region shown by clicking HERE.    



Date/Location:    April 26, 2003     Iwancio-Hodge Observatory    Bethune, SC
Instrument:    SBIG ST-7 through 12" LX-200 
Focal Ratio:   f 3.3
Guiding:    Auto via ST-7
Conditions:    Visually clear, but with moderate high level water vapor
Weather:    50 degrees F
Exposure: 1 x 20 minutes
Filters:    None