NGC7000 and IC5070 - The North America and Pelican Nebulae


Copyright 2004 Hap Griffin

NGC 7000, often referred to as the "North America Nebula" due to its conspicuous shape, is a region of a much larger area of hydrogen emission covering much of the constellation Cygnus.  IC 5070, the "Pelican Nebula" lies just to its lower right, just off the "east coast."  The complex lies at a distance of 1600 light years.

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Date/Location:    October 15, 2004     Griffin/Hunter Observatory    Bethune, SC
Instrument:    Canon 300D Digital SLR (modified) through Orion ED80 w/ Meade .63 Focal Reducer piggybacked on LX-200 
Focal Ratio:   Approx. f4.5
Guiding:    Auto through LX-200 w/ SBIG ST-237
Conditions:    Visually clear
Weather:    53 F, slight breeze
Exposure: 60 minutes @ ISO 800 (12 x 5 min exposures) calibrated with flat frame and Master Dark frame (average of 9 darks)
Filters:    None
Processing:    Focused and captured with DSLRFocus.  RAW to TIFF conversion, frame calibrations, alignment, Digital Development, Richardson_lucy deconvolution, scaling and JPEG conversion with ImagesPlus