M5 - Globular Star Cluster in Serpens


Copyright 2008 Hap Griffin

M5 is a globuular star cluster of some 100,000 stars extending over an area 165 light years in diameter.  It is one of the oldest globulars ever measured at around 13 billion years of age as determined by the amount of metals (elements heavier than helium) in the stars. 

M5 lies at a distance of 24,500 light years.


Date/Location:    February 2, 2008     Griffin/Hunter II Observatory    Bethune, SC
Instrument:    Canon 40D (modified IR filtering) Digital SLR through 10" Newtonian w/MPCC 
Focal Ratio:   f/ 4.7
Guiding:    SBIG ST-401 through Orion ED80
Conditions:    Cold and clear
Weather:    32 F
Exposure: 30 minutes total (30 x 1 minutes @ ISO 800)
Filters:    Baader UV/IR block internal to camera
Processing:    Focused and captured,  RAW to TIFF conversion, flat frame calibration, Digital Development, resizing and JPEG conversion in ImagesPlus.  Color correction in Photoshop CS2.