M48 - Open Star Cluster in Hydra


Copyright 2008 Hap Griffin

M48 is an open cluster of some 80 stars extending over an area 25 light years in diameter.  

M48 lies at a distance of 1500 light years.


Date/Location:    February 2, 2008     Griffin/Hunter II Observatory    Bethune, SC
Instrument:    Canon 40D (modified IR filtering) Digital SLR through 10" Newtonian w/MPCC 
Focal Ratio:   f/ 4.7
Guiding:    SBIG ST-401 through Orion ED80
Conditions:    Cold and clear
Weather:    32 F
Exposure: 30 minutes total (30 x 1 minutes @ ISO 800)
Filters:    Baader UV/IR block internal to camera
Processing:    Focused and captured,  RAW to TIFF conversion, flat frame calibration, Digital Development, resizing and JPEG conversion in ImagesPlus.  Color correction in Photoshop CS2.